[HCMC] Developing Global Leaders For Today’s Organizations – And For Tomorrow’s

Year after year, surveys of organizations everywhere consistently show that one of their top needs is for global leaders. Global leaders know themselves, their capabilities, and they appreciate the complexities and inter-dependencies among countries and companies. They are open to new ideas, and they recognize that no single stakeholder – business, government, or civil society organizations – has all the answers. They believe in collaboration, and they believe in partnerships to address global issues such as climate change, education, and healthcare. This presentation will identify some key trends that are fueling the need for global leaders, and it will share the approach that one organization, the World Economic Forum, is using to developing global leaders for today’s organizations – and for tomorrow’s as well.

Key talking points to be covered

  • – Learn the 9 key drivers of the internationalization of business
  • – How dramatic increases in global worker mobility have fueled the need for cross-cultural skills, adaptability, and flexibility
  • – How technology is changing work and organizations
  • – Essential skills that every global leader needs
  • – What bad leaders excel at
  • – Four things that the best leaders do well
  • – What to work on to accelerate your development as a global leader
  • a

For registration, please send email to Ms. Nhung via nhung@eurochamvn.org
Online registration via https://eurochamvn.eventbank.com/event/6983/



Thursday 01 January 1970


12:00 am - 12:00 am


Sofitel Saigon Plaza, 3rd Floor, Emerald Room, 17 Le Duan, D.1, HCMC

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