Export value in 11 months exceeds yearly target


Vietnam gained US $19.2 billion from exporting in November, raising the total export turnover to US $193.75 billion in 11 months, a year-on-year increase of 21.1%, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. 

The figure exceeded the export target set for the year of earning US $188 billion.

The export values of the State and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) sectors reached US $53.09 billion and US $140.66 billion, witnessing respective growths of 16.8% and 22.8%.

As of November 2017, the nation’s total import turnover was estimated at US $191 billion, including US $170.63 billion for necessary import items, up 22.2% and US $11.16 billion for controlled items, up 7.9%.

The nation enjoyed a trade surplus of US $2.8 billion, equal to 1.4% of the total export turnover.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade forecasted that the nation may earn US $210 billion from exports for the whole year, up 18.9% from 2016.