Do you MANAGE your staff or LEAD them?


Do you MANAGE your staff or LEAD them?

It is said that you don’t build a business, you build people; then people build the business. The question is how you MANAGE PEOPLE and LEAD THEM forward whereas the substantial difference between managing and leading does exist. When your people are well managed, you are guiding your organisation on the right direction. When your people are both well managed and well inspired, you are leading your organisation forward on the right direction.

Join us in MDF for the course Leadership and People Management, you will:
– Get to know more about yourself as a person & a leader. Find out what you are really good at and what have held you back.
– Become aware of different leadership styles, your own style & how to develop it
– Have your leading & managing skills sharpened & more practical
– Understand the diversity & cultural issues in leadership
– Become more authentic, empowering & inspirational

Who should attend?

This course is designed for formal & informal leaders, managers at all levels; those aspiring to a leadership positions, especially those facing challenges in leading others.

Why MDF?
– Over 30 years of experience in international cooperation and development;
– Highly interactive and participative approach;
– Qualified and experienced trainers;
– MDF Special Support* (airport pick-up; hotels arrangements; sightseeing recommendations)
(*) only on request and at clients’s expense

A special New Year offer to all customers from MDF Training and Consultancy

To celebrate the New Year of 2018, MDF Asia offers a 10% discount to all customers who register and pay before 20th January 2018 for any of MDF Asia open courses in 2018.

For more information about MDF 2018 courses in Asia, click on name of the courses you are interested in this link to go further to the course pages on MDF website. Also view what you can expect from MDF trainings and what participants say about us here. MDF Training and Consultancy is looking forward to welcoming you or your staff on our trainings in 2018.

How to register
Visit the course page here or contact us.
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