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  • Top 10 challenges of doing business in Chile 02.11.2018

    Chile is one of Latin America’s wealthiest, most stable and competitive countries, but when it comes to starting a business there are many regulatory and bureaucratic challenges. It is important to have the local knowledge to set your company up for success in Chile.


  • The Story of Manifera 23.10.2018

    Starting Manifera many years ago with a small team of dedicated engineers was a challenging and interesting step. Now years later having significantly grown and successfully helping many international clients makes it all worthwhile.


  • Leadership & People Management (4 – 7 November 2018) Yangon, Myanmar 17.10.2018

    In today’s complex world, challenges can arise at any time. More than ever, managers need to be like Superman or Superwoman. They need to be strong leaders, technically proficient, and have great people’s skills. Are you ready for today’s challenges in your team, your project or your organization?


  • East-West Seed Is In The Top Enterprises Well-Complied On Environmental Protection In More Than 13,000 Establishments In Binh Duong Province 11.10.2018

    Binh Duong Green book has been used as a core assessment to measure the work environment compliance circumstances of enterprise for more than 7 years of Natural Resources and Environment Department of Binh Duong Province (NRED).


  • Human Resource Management In An International Context (27 – 30 November 2018) 10.10.2018

    Managing the HR function is an important role whatever the size or purpose of the organization. There is a growing recognition that HR skills will be even more significant in the coming work revolution of people and machine connectedness. In this training program you will review the work of the HRM role and refresh skills required to be strategically effective. There will be opportunity to share particular HR challenges and learn from each other.