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  • Abbott Brings Gift of Strength to Vietnam 04.06.2018

    In Vietnam, one of the countries with the fastest aging population, the number of individuals aged 50 and above is projected to reach more than 30 million by 2030 – a third of the nation’s populace. With more adults living longer than before, they are looking to lead active and healthy lifestyles as they get older. Muscle loss has been shown to be a key factor that can interfere with adults’ quality of life due to lack of strength. Good nutrition is critical in maintaining muscle health and strength with age.


  • Refit for Jack-Up MPI Enterprise at Damen Verolme Rotterdam 31.05.2018

    Damen Verolme Rotterdam (DVR) has completed a refit project on the MPI Enterprise, a 120-metre, self-elevating, DP2, wind turbine installation vessel owned and operated by MPI Offshore, part of the Vroon Group. The works included the installation of spud cans on her four-legged jacking system, which can elevate the vessel at rate of one meter per minute in water depths up to 45 meters. Acquired by Damen Shipyards Group in June 2017, DVR is one of the largest refit and repair yards in Western Europe, capable of accommodating any seagoing vessel or floating offshore unit.


  • Crop Shifting Model from Rice to Fresh Corn (Sweet and Waxy Corn for Human Consumption) in Mekong Delta Vietnam 31.05.2018

    Climate change has had a dramatic impact on the farming sector, most obviously reducing farmland, resulting in drought and pest problems. This causes difficulties in crop cultivation and the Mekong Delta is the one of most affected regions by this phenomena.


  • Trans-Pacific Partnership – TPP-11 – Generates New Business Opportunities 31.05.2018

    The new Trans-Pacific Partnership is expected to come into force later this year, rather than 2019 as originally expected. We explore its likely impact and the new business potential for companies operating within the 11 member countries.


  • FrieslandCampina Vietnam Honored in Ha Nam 24.05.2018

    FrieslandCampina Ha Nam on Tuesday was awarded the Second Class Labor Medal from the Government for its contribution to Ha Nam Province’s socio- economic development.