Training For Pangasius and Tilapia Farmers In Vinh Long and Dong Thap Provinces


Aquaculture is a vital component of the social and economic tissue for many provinces in the Mekong Delta. In the riverine provinces of Vinh Long and Dong Thap, where nearly half of the national Pangasius production takes place, sustainable expansion of aquaculture is constrained by several factors. Among those, the lack of appropriate extension approaches, limited technological know-how, and variable input quality are very often stressed by local farmers.

Netherlands turns food waste into new products


A supermarket in the Netherlands is stocking its shelves with food waste – that is, products, including soaps and chutneys, made from discarded food items. The supermarket and 18 Dutch companies aim to tackle food waste through a new national program.

Ho Chi Minh City supports agricultural start-ups


The agricultural start-up forum, themed “Incubating Vietnamese businesses”, took place in Ho Chi Minh City on April 13.

Vietnam sets to have 15,000 effective agricultural cooperatives


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) along with the Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VFU) and Vietnam Cooperative Alliance (VCA) have signed a coordination programme to implement the National Assembly’s target of having 15,000 agricultural cooperatives and cooperative alliances operating effectively by 2020.

Figures show Dutch are both big gas guzzlers and avid recyclers


The Netherlands is one of Europe’s biggest fossil fuel importers despite also being one of the most efficient nations when it comes to recycling, according to figures from statistics agency CBS.

Vietnam commits to realising GMS high-tech agriculture priority


The Government of Vietnam is committed to implementing initiatives of the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), including those on high-tech organic agriculture, said Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.