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  • US firms move footwear factories to Vietnam ahead of TPP 14.11.2014

    The free trade agreement being negotiated between the US and 11 other pacific nations will bring a lot of business to Vietnam’s footwear industry, experts said during a conference in Ho Chi Minh City on Monday


  • NA Agrees To Raise GDP Growth Rate To 6.2% In 2015 14.11.2014

    VOV  89.54% of the National Assembly deputies voted to approve a resolution on next year’s socio-economic development which aims to obtain a higher economic growth rate than in 2014. The resolution sets the GDP growth rate at 6.2%, the CPI at 5%, the poverty reduction rate between 1.7% and 2%, and job generation for 1.6… View Article


  • Rate cuts are intended to help both banks and enterprises 14.11.2014

    The State Bank of Vietnam’s move last month to cut interest rates on short-term deposits and ceiling interest rates on loans for priority sectors is intended for two purposes


  • Vietnam Tightens Valuations to Clean Up Bad Debt: Southeast Asia 14.11.2014

    Vietnam’s state asset management company will use its own valuations instead of inflated book values to buy bad debt from banks by the end of next month to accelerate a revamp of the financial system and revive lending


  • Orange Incubators for Entrepreneurs 04.11.2014

    hinking of starting up a business in Vietnam? The Dutch Embassy in Hanoi offers temporary workspaces for Dutch entrepreneurs setting up their business in one of the most exciting emerging markets in South East Asia