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  • Vietnamese overseas should be investing in tech startups, not just remittances 16.04.2014

    In 2013, overseas Vietnamese people remitted an estimated $11 billion back into Vietnam. In 2013, Vietnam’s GDP was $170 billion. That’s right, overseas Vietnamese send back so much money that it’s equal to about six percent of Vietnam’s overall GDP.


  • FDI Shifting Trend Beneficial To Vietnam 11.04.2014

    Though foreign direct investment (FDI) capital declined in the first quarter of the year, economists say Vietnam is benefitting from the shifting of FDI trends, especially from multinational corporations (MNCs).


  • Vietnam Has Had Enough Of Hundred-Billion Dollar Projects 11.04.2014

    Vietnam, having been burned several times with “super projects”, now casts a suspicious eye on proposals for mammoth, multi-billion dollar projects.


  • Corruption Poses Hurdle To Vietnam FDI Inflows 04.04.2014

    Corruption is affecting Vietnam’s FDI prospects, and if the problem is not resolved, the country will become less attractive to foreign investors, Nguyen Mai, chairman of the Vietnam Association of Foreign Invested Enterprises, tells Vietweek.


  • New PPP Law Can Improve Quality Of Public Service Delivery In Vietnam: ADB 04.04.2014

    Creating a level of playing field for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is key to improve inclusiveness and quality of public service delivery in Vietnam, meaning the country should strengthen legal framework to engage more private investment in developing public infrastructure and services, making them affordable and accessible for people, especially the poor, says an expert of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) at the launch of the Asian Development Outlook 2014 in Hanoi.