Skretting Vietnam – Top 5 Excellent Seafood Companies Receiving Certificate Of Merit From The Government

Skretting Vietnam

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Skretting Vietnam is the only enterprise to receive 3 certificates of merit in the Ceremony of honoring and awarding the title “Quality of Vietnam Gold Fisheries” for the 4th time in 2017 by the Vietnam Fisheries Association, Vietnam Seafood Journal held on December 21 in Hanoi.

At the ceremony, Skretting Vietnam was honored to receive three prestigious seafood awards:

  • – Top 5 Best Companies Receive Certificate of Merit from the Government
  • – Top 10 Best Companies Receive Certificate of Merit from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • – Top 10 Most Excellent Individuals Receive Certificate of Merit from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
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Prizes are evaluated based on the criteria: economic efficiency; Social efficiency; Applying science and technology into production; Resource protection and ecological environment. Individuals and organizations honored this time are the typical examples of participation in production but actively participate in social work – charity …

marc3Marc Le Poul, General Director of Skretting South Asia, said: “We are honored to be included in the Top 5 Enterprises Receiving Certificate of Merit from the Government and the Top 10 Enterprises Awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development . The title reflects our commitment to honesty in production, technical support to the people, and satisfaction to our customers. The best from Europe, or the modern technology of modern Norway, we always want to bring to Vietnam, because that is what Vietnam needs. The recently opened factory is our investment and our commitment to the seafood industry. In addition, we focus on demonstration farms to support research and development. This award is a motivation for Skretting to be more active in production and social work. ”
This is a meaningful event, to encourage and motivate individuals and collectives working in the fishery sector in a timely manner, to motivate and motivate individuals to actively produce to close. contributing more in improving the quality of products, applying science and technology in production, research … in order to make the fishery sector develop stronger, more sustainable and more effective to integrate into the national economy. .

After nearly 8 years of organization, the program attracted many individuals and enterprises in the fisheries sector to participate in the program.