Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation works throughout Vietnam with children in crisis. They rescue children from danger and slavery, reunite those children with their families when possible and provide all the services needed for recovery and growth. 

Annually, Blue Dragon:

  • Rescues an average of 110 children from the streets and 130 women and children from sex trafficking and labour exploitation 
  • Provides training for over 1,000 police, border guards, and local officials in child rights and how to combat trafficking
  • Represents an average of 10 victims of trafficking in 6 court cases. 
  • Provides direct support for 1,500 children and youth throughout Vietnam

Your support means that Vietnamese girls and boys will be safe from harm and exploitation, and can continue their education right through school and even into university. 

Learn more about their work on website www.bluedragon.org