Covid-19 travel information: News and Updates

On this frequently updated page, we summarize the news around travelling to Vietnam during the Covid-19 pandemic for you, so you can make easier business decisions.

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Update; 24  March 

Emirates updates its Flight schedule between Vietnam and Dubai from 01/04/2022

Singaporean Government will launch a Covid-19 Vaccinated Travel Framework starting from 01 April 2022, which replaces Vaccinated Travel Land and allows all vaccinated travelers can enter Singapore without quarantine regardless of their country of departure. Travelers who are not fully vaccinated will be subject to prevailing quarantine and testing requirements. You can have more information on this link:

As a result, our member Air France KLM flights from Paris to Singapore or Amsterdam to Singapore will no longer designate VTL flights as from 01 April 2022 and passengers will not have to fulfill many criterias as before. Travel becomes much easier now!

Update; 22  March 

Our Member KLM recently updated their flight schedule. Be sure to check and compare prices, because the price differences can be high. KLM offers stable prices and good coverage. 

Update; 16  March 

Vietnam reopens its borders after more than two years of closure!


Vietnamese government expresses the intention to “return to a pre-pandemic situation” 

Dutch investors and non visa holders can get visa online or at the Embassy

Yes! Today is the day that we return to normal traveling to Vietnam.  🇻🇳

  • Citizens of 13 countries can travel visa-free for 15 days to Vietnam. (The Netherlands is unfortunately not yet on that list.)
  • Dutch citizens and citizens of 79 other countries, can apply for e-visa for 30 days, just like during the ‘Pre Covid’ times. Be sure to do obtain your visa at the Vietnamese government website. (Note that the website is at the moment of writing still not able to process requests. This should be resolved soon).
  • The Vietnamese Embassy in The Hague is able to hand out visas for 30 days. Note these are traditional visas; not e-visas. They are open Monday, Wednesday Thursday from 9-11 AM & 2-4 PM. Check their website for more information.

Incoming travelers need to follow the below guideline from the Ministry of Health: 

  • Before departure PCR test or Rapid test
  • Before departure health declaration on
  • Installation of PC-COVID App on mobile smart phone for health declaration in Vietnam.


Update; 14 March 

The borders were planned to open for tourists tomorrow (15 March) ; but nothing is known about visa or quarantine policies.  

Reopening the borders, after a closure of more than two years, is a complex process with various tasks for multiple public institutions but also for companies like hotels, tour companies etc.. It is therefore frustrating that no guideline has yet been published or approved. 
As it stands, the lack of guidance will mean that the reopening will be further delayed. Vietnam’s pre Covid immigration policies included visas for entering (Dutch citizens had to obtain a visa online, or through the Vietnamese Embassy in The Hague), and without a visa it will be impossible to board a plane. Even the Vietnamese news outlets, usually not known for their edgy government critiques, have ventilated dissatisfaction from business men and travellers. Various government ministries are seemingly endlessly bouncing back proposals to each other. 
Meanwhile, Covid infections remain sky high, especially in the North but also in the South. The number of hospitalizations and deaths is fairly controllable, which is being attributed to the high vaccination rates all over Vietnam.
Hopefully, an update with guidelines will follow today, but to be honest, I don’t think that will happen. And if it happens, there will not be enough time to prepare. 
Guido van Rooy – Executive Director DBAV 
Guido van Rooy

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Update; 17 February 

Vietnam reopens borders for tourism from March 15th

International traveling situation to return to normalcy 

Still, additional restrictions may apply  


The Vietnamese Government has yesterday released a notice (Vietnamese) from a meeting between the Deputy PM and other ministries. The PM has approved to continue with a plan to reopen the borders from March 15th. Combined with the earlier approval to reopen the airports for international commercial flights, that means that the traveling situations can soon return to pre-Covid-normalcy, but it is not yet certain. 

Can I make traveling plans to Vietnam?

It is advisable to start planning an entry date on or after March 15th, if you were planning on going. But remain flexible in your planning – nothing is certain and things can change easily still.

Can I already book a flight ticket? 

It is not yet possible to book flights yet after March 15th without the required entry permit documents or visa documents – the relevant Ministry still has to come back with a plan to reopen the borders of Vietnam. It is expected that this plan will be submitted and approved in the month of February. 

The flight schedules of major airlines are also still in the making and not available yet. 

What can DBAV do for travelers that wish to come to Vietnam? 

DBAV will keep you updated on any updates from Vietnam government or airlines, in the form of newsletters, social media updates and webinars. We are also developing our Saigon Expat Guide and Hanoi Expat Guide, for business travelers that want to get recommendations from the DBAV. If you want to be kept in the loop about the publication of such a document, please subscribe here. 



Update; 15 February 


Entry permit restriction for non visa holders still applies

From today, 15 February 2022, Vietnam will remove limits on the number of inbound and outbound international flights, bringing back the normal flights situation before the outbreak of COVID-19. However, although all commercial flights are available again, the entry permit restriction for non-visa holders (such as tourists) has still not been lifted. Therefore, the travelling situation for non-visa holders will not change yet. A proposal to re-open Vietnam for fully reopening borders to foreign tourists from 31 March 2022 and no later than the end of April has been raised by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, but is still pending approval. 

Currently, flight routes have been resumed between Vietnam and European countries, the US and Australia. However, restrictions on passengers from Vietnam have been still applied by Japan and the Republic of Korea as part of their efforts of COVID-19 spreading prevention. A roadmap will be applied for the increase of the frequency of flights on the routes in order to ensure the safety, flexibly adapting to and effectively controlling the COVID-19, creating favourable conditions for travelling activities with strict implementation of guidelines on medical supervision on passengers entering Vietnam. 

We have been in touch with KLM Air France as the update of their Vietnam flights schedule is under progress. From 29 March 2022, their weekly flights will be increased, with departure from Paris on Tuesday early afternoon and arriving at HCMC on Wednesday morning. Flights to Paris are continuing with transit in Bangkok and will increase the connectivity via other Asian gateway such as Singapore in the near future. 

A proposal to re-open Vietnam for fully reopening borders to foreign tourists from 31 March 2022 and no later than the end of April has been raised by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

All in all, this is another step towards opening the country, but it remains unclear when the country Vietnam opens up for tourists and in what for. 

DBAV will keep you updated with news of entry restrictions on our newsletter as well as our website.



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