Customer Conference in Tay Ninh Province – New opportunity for growers

East-West Seed (Hai Mui Ten Do)

On 24 June 2019 in Tay Ninh, the customer conference of East-West Seed Company (Hai Mui Ten Do) took place. There were about 60 attended the conference including traders, dealers and key farmers.

The conference aimed to introduce to customers new products of HMTD to meet the new demands of the regional markets such as Bitter gourd Victory 17, wax gourd HMT164, Star- bottle gourd HMT689, Cucumber 116, Watermelon Thien Son 74, Golden cob sweet corn, Nam Gang yardlong bean, etc. 

Customers, especially traders, appreciate these varieties because of their beautiful fruit shape, suitable for the market and special consumers for high productivity.

Mr. Rang, a trader said: “The shape of BG Victory 17 is very beautiful, the spines are attractive and blooming, this is the favorite form of the market today.”

Tay Ninh is a new potential market, giving farmers and customers many opportunities for getting more income. In the coming time, East-West Seed Company hopes to bring more effective technical support services to farmers in the region to help them become more closely connected with HMTD which has been close friendly with small holder farmers and help them increasing incomes through growing vegetables.