DBAV – Welcoming 3 new staff members 


A company needs its staff like a watch needs its gears. We are building a strong team that is working on the transition from a traditional business club to a “business hub”, and that organizes high quality events for our members. Over the past months we have welcomed three new members of staff: Tien, Linh and Wendy. Listen to their life stories and the route they take to finally all nest down at DBAV.

We are sure that you will meet one of them by chance in the coming time!

Tien Tran (Mr.) – Event Manager

Tien Tran is the new Event Manager, since March 2020 and replaces Ms. Tran, who has left us in December. He is a strong Marketer and Event Planner at 3 years. Tien’s main responsibility is to propose and organize high quality events to achieve DBAV’s growth goals.

Tien can be contacted at this email: events@dbav.org.vn

What would you like to achieve at the DBAV?

“I want to continue my skills and experiences by working in a international environment and with high professional people. Joining DBAV will give me more opportunities to achieve higher level in managing multiple short-term tasks at the same time and then go beyond them for the big picture.”

Wendy (Ms.) – Office Administrator

Wendy’s original Vietnamese name is Le Hoang Phuong Quyen. From this week, she starts as Office Administrator. Wendy has been living in The Netherlands for more than 10 years, and is therefore very skilled in Dutch, English and Vietnamese. As Office Manager, Wendy will work on membership administration and other clerical and secretarial tasks as her main responsibility, for 3 days per week.

You are welcome to get in touch with Wendy if you have any questions at officeassistant@dbav.org.vn

Why did you apply for the job at the DBAV?

“I applied for this job because I believe that my skills and experience working in the same field qualifies me for the job. I have been doing web research, have seen that’s this is a Dutch businesses company in Vietnam. I’m very exciting about seeing one of the Netherlands company have grown so far in Vietnam and I would be very proud to be a part of that work. While I highly valued my time at my previous job, there are no longer opportunities for growth that align with my career goals. This position fits perfectly with my skill set and how I’m looking to grow in my career. I think it is challenging and I can succeed in it and gain more experience and benefit your business.”

Linh Tran (Ms.) – Communication and Event Management Intern

Linh Tran is our Communication Intern, in which she runs DBAV’s communication channels, including social media, website, as well as the bi-monthly Newsletter. She is also senior student from the Vietnamese-German University finalizing her thesis in the Finance and Accounting major. Supportive, well-organized and great time management is what can be described of her, while she’s also accredited for the creativity in several works prior to this.

If you need more information on the fields she managed at DBAV, please do not hesitate contacting her at: intern@dbav.org.vn

What do you like most about The Netherlands?

“What makes Netherlands unique and stands out from the rest of European countries that i have ever traveled across are their iconic canals, beautiful Keukenhof tulip garden in full bloom, myriad types of tasty cheese, windmills, streets crowed with people on bicycles and last but not least, innovative water management! No matter where you choose to go, there are endless experiences for you to enjoy. I have been living in Germany for 1 year and am well accustomed to their habit of closing down at 8 PM, that means there are no shops or stores allowed to open at night! That’s why i was quite taken aback by the bustling nightlife at Netherlands, especially Amsterdam. Everyplace is beaming with joy, smiles and people who are enjoying their lives to the fullest. If i ever have time to fly back to Europe again, Netherlands is surely on my must-go list!”