Who We Are

Dutch Business Association in Vietnam (DBAV) connects people and knowledge, to the benefit of our members. We organize member-centered events in Saigon and Hanoi, on doing business in Vietnam. Check our Events-Page for more information. We form a (Dutch-Vietnamese) business community, that networks, does business together and inspires each other. We provide business services to new market entrants to help them set their first steps in Vietnam, at SME-friendly rates. If your request is specific, then we can put you forward to reliable local service providers.

Vietnamese challenges, Dutch solutions

We generally find that our members become a member because of three main reasons:
  • To further expand their network and knowledge;
  • To do business by finding good suppliers or great customers;
  • To support The Dutch business enclave in Vietnam.
The Dutch enclave of entrepreneurs and expats can be considered as pioneers, truly experts in their line of business. Generally, new members will find that our members are happy to share experience and knowledge. Not only on their own businesses, but just as well to the benefit of new market entrants.
Vietnamese challenges, Dutch solutions

Our partners

We have three main stakeholders: The Royal Dutch Embassy and Consulate General, NLinBusiness and EuroCham.
  • Embassy & Consulate General
Our ties with the Royal Dutch Embassy & Consulate go back to our foundation in 1999. We organize traditional events together, such as the New Year Receptions in both cities and Sinterklaas in Ho Chi Minh City. The objective in our partnerships is to support each other in meeting our goals and helping Dutch companies. We seek to empower our mutual services to a strong package that eases doing business in Vietnam for Dutch businesses.
  • NLinBusiness
NLinBusiness – initiated by the Confederation of Dutch Business, VNO-NCW & MKB-Nederland – supports Dutch companies in their international expansion. We are therefore currently building a strong global network of NL Business Hubs in 40 specifically selected Cities of Opportunity to support Dutch companies in their growth strategies. These hubs will enable Dutch entrepreneurs to kick-start a local operation. As a result, conducting international business should be as easy as growing your business in The Netherlands. We currently have a network of NL Business Hubs around the world in Munich, London, Antwerp, Warsaw, Dubai, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Panama, Chile, Sao Paolo and Bogota. The NL Business Hub network will grow to 40 hubs around the world in 2023.


  • EuroCham
DBAV is a partner of the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham), DBAV membership entitles you with two memberships including EuroCham.

What our members say

A small overview of what our members have to say about DBAV:

Gabor Fluit - CEO Asia, De Heus LLC -

As a relatively new company in Vietnam, De Heus became a DBAV member in 2009. Especially in the beginning, it was very useful to meet more experienced members of the Dutch-Vietnamese business community. As an individual company, it is difficult to lobby for the interests of your company sector. Eurocham is more effective in approaching and communicating with the Vietnamese government at different levels. I therefore would like to recommend all Dutch companies active in Vietnam to become a member of the DBAV & Eurocham.

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Clemens Levert - Co Founder WeSport -

DBAV is a platform that helps me market and grow my professional network. Particularly, DBAV's events are enjoyable for me to go. What I also like is the supportive attitude from the Executive Team

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Manish Amanna - Director of N - TWYNE Leadership -

DBAV has been a fantastic platform to foster a sense of community, networking and cooperation between multicultural professionals, organisations and service partners. Notwithstanding recent disruptions globally and here in Vietnam, we are particularly appreciative of the innovative and interactive knowledge sharing forums and resources shared by DBAV to support members. I wish them all the very best in their continued endeavours.

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