East-West Seed Continues Creating More Opportunities for Students – Field Visit for Advanced Students of VNUA

East-West Seed

On May 22nd 2018 the Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) and East-West Seed organized the field visit for 35 Advanced Crop students. This visit covered four important crops: bitter gourd, sweet corn, cucumber and sweet pepper in Melinh, Hanoi. This is helped students apply their knowledge to real-world situations as they saw good farm practices firsthand, including how to grow and manage pests and diseases. In addition, market information, suitable soil and products were also shared by the company.

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Ms. Anh Dang, a crop major, said: “I am so satisfied with what I have achieved through this activity. There was so much useful information about each crop and the way EWS work is so passionate. Now I know how to apply what I have learnt and I will join more activities like this to grow.”

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Mr. Dong Nguyen shared what he felt was useful. “This was very helpful for us, I learnt a lot. Some we had not known, some we had heard but not focused on enough and now you remind us and make it perfect. We also learned from the beginning till the end of seed life. I feel it was easy to understand, our raw knowledge now becomes useful in reality and we also learned about the market segment and consumption.”

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 Things need to be improved: We (students) should change better on work style (disciplined), change mindset about making this activity the most useful enough, be more focused. We will change better for the next time”.

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Although the sunny weather created some tiredness, the students were still happy with what they have experienced. At the end of the day, a survey was given to each of them to evaluate the outdoor activity, what was good, not good and improvement to make it better.

Mr. Kien, a professor from VNUA said, “It has been 10 years since the last time we joined this kind of activity. We are grateful to Hai Mui Ten Do Company to organize this event for us. It’s not easy to make it happen without your support. We are so impressed on what you presented and your guidance on technical knowledge. Another thing, working with passion is important for a career, especially in agriculture”.

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This event was a good signal for learning and development through more practical ways in Vietnamese universities.