East-West Seed Creates Opportunities for Students by Collaborating with VNUA

East-West Seed

In Hanoi, on May 19, 2018, the Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) combined with about 70 companies from various fields organized the Job Fair in order to create a good chance for student graduated interact with companies in Vietnam. This is indeed a good opportunity for student understanding and grasp the labor market for their future career development.

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The rapid development of Vietnamese agriculture is opening up opportunities for businesses and workers in the industry. Farmers need access to advanced farming techniques to improve productivity and product quality. This requires the technicians to be in tune with market trends, to apply knowledge learned through practice, and to improve their capability in serving farmers better. Serving farmers better is one of the core values of East-West Seed (also known as Hai Mui Ten Do in Vietnam). Learning and improving the knowledge to better serve the farmers with the passion of the team.

At the Job Fair, the booth of Hai Mui Ten Do (HMTD) – a Dutch company leading the tropical vegetable seeds industry based in Binh Duong – attracted a great deal of attention from students of VNUA and others.

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Both post- and undergraduates from VNUA were eager to fill in information forms and taking the test on technical knowledge and soft skills given by HMTD.

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Through this opportunity, students were able to have direct interaction with HMTD employee who are young and passionate about their careers, effective teamwork and planning. It also gave HMTD employees the opportunity to demonstrate their respect and desire to deliver the best products and services of HMTD to the market.

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The event was a success for HMTD in recruiting suitable candidates for current positions. This is a good signal for the significant collaboration between the University and EWS, in addition to students’ career development and Vietnamese agriculture.