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Although the borders are closed for quite some time due to Covid-19, the Vietnamese authorities still allow diplomats, other countries’ government officials, foreign investors, foreign experts, skilled workers, and foreign students to enter the country. Professionals that want to apply to enter, will need to apply for a special entry permit. Obtaining it requires knowledge of the Vietnamese bureaucratic system. Over the past year, DBAV has helped more than 80 professionals and their families from The Netherlands with obtaining an Entry Permit into Vietnam. Our success rate for obtaining an entry permit is 100% up to today. Contact us for a free assessment on your specific situation.

A selection of our satisfied customers

DBAV has helped over 100 customers with their immigration case into Vietnam, since the Covid pandemic broke out.

David Prentice – arrived on 3 Feb 2021

“I am here in the wonderful hotel in Saigon and everything went really smoothly. I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who helped me get here. I know this was a drawn-out, complicated case at times and I certainly got value for money by using your expert services. Again, thank you so much! I really, really appreciate all of your help and wish all of you a wonderful Tet and prosperous new year.”

Harry Bloemendaal – arrived on 3 January 2021

“I tried to get into Vietnam and in first day, I started with another travel company, they tried to help me to get everything done but it took too long and the communication was so so. So I got in contact with DBAV, and I said it was excellent because Mai Anh helped me with everything, step by step, and it was superb. And we managed in 4 weeks to get everything done because time was limited, I am very happy that I’m here now. Mai Anh was very helpful and correct, I would recommend DBAV for everyone because they are excellent.”

Elmar Gabriel – arrived on 27th Feb 2021

“I was with other services while doing this, but I can really really recommend this service because it went so smoothly and I actually didn’t expect it. The paper process was arranged really nice by Mai Anh. So actually you helped me a lot!”

Uyen Le

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