Covid-19 information: Entry package service for members that want to get into Vietnam

Over the past few months, in collaboration with other business chambers, institutes and government agencies, DBAV has helped more than 50 individuals from The Netherlands to get an Entry Permit into Vietnam. Our success rate for gaining an entry permit is 100% up to now.

The Vietnamese government is enforcing increasingly stricter rules and requirements in approving entry permits for foreigners and immigrants due to the severity of the COVID-19 epidemic. Therefore, in-depth knowledge of the Vietnamese regulations and practical experience working with Vietnamese government agencies are required in order to successfully gain an entry permit. DBAV is proud to be one of the experts in the field of entry permit service with an exceedingly high rate of success.


Online Knowledge Database with relevant information for foreigners traveling to Vietnam during the pandemic

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Entry package service for foreign experts that need to get into Vietnam 

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vietnamese authority suspended the entry of all foreign visitors from March 22, 2020 and subsequently suspended all international commercial flights. However, the Vietnamese authorities still allow diplomats, other countries’ government officials, foreign investors, foreign experts, skilled workers, and foreign students to enter the country with special entry permits.

DBAV is a reputable professional association and an expert on dealing with the intricacies and administrative procedures of securing this special entry permit.


Scope of the service 

In order to get into Vietnam, you will need to complete at least 03 steps. DBAV will fully support you to perform these 03 steps quickly and accurately:

  • Paperwork 
  • Covid-19 RT-PCR Test
  • Accommodation & Flight Reservation

1. Paperwork 

Preparing and submitting all required paperwork for various Governmental Agencies  require experience and in-depth knowledge. The following documents are prerequisites for a foreign expert to gain entry permit into Vietnam:

  • Entry permit letter of approval from the Department of Labor at the City People’s Committee 
  • Issuance visa letter from the Immigration Department
  • Notification to International Quarantine Center for quarantine plan approval

2. Covid-19 RT-PCR Test

According to the Vietnamese Government’s Immigration Law:

Foreign experts/workers are required to test for COVID-19 three days before entering Vietnam using the real-time PCR technique. The tests must be done at testing centers approved by foreign government or at test centers approved by the World Health Organization (WHO);

3. Accommodation & Flight Reservation

Due to the complicated situation of the pandemic, all commercial flights into Vietnam have been suspended, and only a few flights under special government permission were allowed to carry foreign experts into Vietnam. Therefore, we highly recommend that you should only reserve your flights through experienced agents to avoid any cancellation, delay or change of flight dates.

Foreign experts are required to quarantine at only hotels that are approved by the Vietnamese government. DBAV has suggested a number of reputable hotels with good service to quarantine at. Please refer to the link in the table above.

DBAV understands that hotel and flight tickets reservation will take significant time and entail considerable risk if you do not have accurate and timely assistance. Therefore, DBAV supports all members with FREE booking service as part of our service package. Please contact us for our hotel & flight reservation needs.

Stay up to date on the latest Corona Situation in Vietnam by following our weekly Covid-Journal

In order to provide information to our members as quickly as possible, DBAV organizes a series of webinars every Tuesday at 5.30 PM (VN Time) to update all the latest and most accurate news about the COVID-19 situation in Vietnam and give direct responses to related questions. All of our webinars will be recorded and updated on our Youtube channel. To not miss any updates, please register for our webinars using this link: Inbound Flights to Vietnam: DBAV’s weekly office hours.

Free assessments

We value all of our members by giving wholehearted support to each case. DBAV provides free assessment of your case and consults you on the necessary steps. You can get in touch with us to get a free assessment and decide if you want to sign up for our entry permit service. We will answer all of your questions about VISA/immigration procedures and evaluate the success of your application. Email us right away so you can get your entry permit in the shortest time.


We are a non-governmental organization and we offer very affordable price for our existing members and competitive rates for non-members. Our full-service package covers all necessary paperwork, application procedures, and hotel and flight tickets reservation.

What our customers say

D. Prentice – arrived on 3 Feb 2021 -

“I am here in the wonderful hotel in Saigon and everything went really smoothly. I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who helped me get here. I know this was a drawn-out, complicated case at times and I certainly got value for money by using your expert services. Again, thank you so much! I really, really appreciate all of your help and wish all of you a wonderful Tet and prosperous new year.”

H. Bloemendaal – arrived on 3 January 2021 -

“I tried to get into Vietnam and in first day, I started with another travel company, they tried to help me to get everything done but it took too long and the communication was so so. So I got in contact with DBAV, and I said it was excellent because Mai Anh helped me with everything, step by step, and it was superb. And we managed in 4 weeks to get everything done because time was limited, I am very happy that I’m here now. Mai Anh was very helpful and correct, I would recommend DBAV for everyone because they are excellent.”

A. van den Dool – arrived on 4th Feb 2021 -

“I have arrived well and in hotel now. Trip was very relaxed, so all went perfect. Once again thank you for all your help and patience. After the weekend I will consult with our companies CEO’s, in order to see if they would like to join your association, as earlier advised by Guido. For sure we will be in touch more often, and once again thanks.”

E. Gabriel – arrived on 27th Feb 2021 -

“I was with other services while doing this, but I can really really recommend this service because it went so smoothly and I actually didn’t expect it. The paper process was arranged really nice by Mai Anh. So actually you helped me a lot!”

Please contact us for further details and assistance

Our Senior Visa Officer Mai Anh can be contacted on working days during office hours via for an assessment and a service fee proposal.