[Hanoi] Vietnam Water Summit 2018

Vietnam Water Summit 2018

September 12-13 | Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam has 2360 rivers totaling to more than 10 km and it would appear that this should provide copious supply of water to the nation. However, due to the lack of physical infrastructure and financial capacity, there is a low utilization of the supply along with an uneven distribution of rain fall. Consequently, it results in water shortages throughout the country.

In addition, due to the rapid economic development in Vietnam, river water quality has been affected along with an increased concentration of various toxins in the water. With around only 15% of wastewater adequately treated in some 33 wastewater treatment plants in urban areas (Ministry of Construction, 2016), the majority of domestic wastewater is discharged back to the environment and pollutes the surface water again.

Hence, in order to improve the water supply, sanitation and waste water treatment in the country, Vietnam government is taking active measures to solve the related problems in the water industry. The government aims at providing 85% of the urban population with access to clean urban water by 2020 and at collecting and treating 100% of the urban wastewater by 2025. Furthermore, the government aims at reducing non-revenue water to 15% by 2025, to provide 120-150 liters of water per capita per day, and to make water companies financially self-sustaining by 2025. It is estimated that Vietnam needs up to US$10.2 billion for the development of water supply and drainage systems to keep up with urban population growth by 2020.

However, with the lack of advanced technology, indigenous value chain and insufficient capital in water development sector, obstacles appeared when pushing forward the market. It’s the time that local companies and international players shall work together to tackle the challenges ahead of the industry.

To further push forward the development of Vietnam’s water sector and improve the local water supply, sanitation, treatment industry, Neoventure Corporation is going to organize the inaugural Vietnam Water Summit 2018 with an objective to create a premium platform to promote investment opportunities in Vietnam’s water sector to international investors, and to facilitate the cooperation between local and international players.

Vietnam Water Summit 2018 is a 2-day event, tentatively scheduled on 12-13 September, 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The event will include Conference, Exhibition, Provincial Investment Session and Water Technology Forum, which will create a perfect platform, a one-stop business matching for all concerned industrial players to share knowledge and to exchange business contacts in this emerging exploration frontier.

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We are looking forward to seeing you in Hanoi this September!

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Thursday 01 January 1970


12:00 am - 12:00 am


Pullman Hanoi, 40 Cat Linh, Dong Da District, Vietnam

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