[Hanoi] Workshop: Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace

Are you…

  • Avoiding conversations you know you ought to have at work?
  • Dealing with issues related to bullying and harrassment
  • Wishing you could be more assertive and in control?
  • Having problems giving negative feedback?
  • Feeling anxious before a difficult conversation with difficult people relating to bullying and harassment?
  • Thinking of what you “should have” said after the conversation is over?
  • Wishing you had managed a conversation or an individual differently and had some policy in place to avoid such situations?
  • Having trouble managing emotional bosses, customers, colleagues or employees?

Bullying and harassment in the workplace leads to increased levels of absence, staff turnover, and lower staff morale – ultimately reducing productivity.
At this brief three-hour introductory workshop you will learn some very basic techniques to handle difficult conversations and difficult people with confidence, deal with problem employees including bullying and harassment in the workplace

What You Will Learn
The workshop will cover the following:

  • What is bullying and harassment?
  • Considering different types of behaviours and ways in which discrimination might occur
  • The legal aspects of bullying and harassment – including the protected characteristics within the Equality Act, other potential claims and liabilities of those involved
  • Handling allegations of bullying and harassment – managing complaints both informally and formally
  • Dealing with allegations of sexual harassment
  • Working with an organization’s procedures – including dignity at work, grievance and bullying and harassment policies
  • Case studies and syndicate exercises

At the Dealing With Difficult People Workshop you will learn techniques and strategies that will allow you to handle difficult conversations and difficult people with skill and confidence. You will be engaged in practical and interactive exercises that will change the way you see and respond to difficult people and difficult situations. You will be given opportunities to practise learned skills in a variety of contexts so that the skills can become second nature. You will have the opportunity to complete a personality to determine your conflict management style.

Practical and Interactive Training
We offer intensive and interactive learning experiences for professionals and executives. You will participate in dynamic exercises and case studies. The concepts and approaches you will learn have proven successful in the real world, and can be applied immediately to your situation.

Who Should Attend?
HR professionals and for those in senior roles who have responsibility for managing bullying and harassment and for anyone who has to deal with difficult people or difficult issues.  Human resource managers, team leaders, managers, lawyers, educators, consultants, customer service representatives and people who negotiate will all benefit from this brief introductory workshop.

Organizational Benefits

  • Minimize the loss of productivity and morale caused by interactions that were handled badly or conflicts that were avoided and allowed to fester
  • Learn about implementing dispute resolution systems in the workplace
  • Achieve more effective interaction among employees
  • Maintain and repair workplace relationships
  • Deal with problem employees in new and helpful ways
  • Improve the ability of your staff to manage and lead others effectively
  • Inject confidence in your staff by providing them the tools and ability to have difficult conversations productively
  • Make your customers feel like partner


Mr. Thomas G. Giglione – Commercial Mediator | Arbitrator | Consultant and Mediator – ANT Lawyers

  • Mediator, Arbitrator, Keynote Speaker on Law Tech topics such as; Online Dispute Resolution, Smart Contracts including resolving cross-border and workplace disputes
  • Consultant at  ANT Lawyers [www.antlawyers.com ]
  • Founder and Director of Win- Win Dispute Resolution Services [www.mediation.vn]
  • Mediation and Arbitration Committee Member at the International Bar Association
  • Thomas is a writer and has written on the topic of law tech and online dispute resolution for Southeast Asia’s foremost Law & Technology Review [https://lawtech.asia/recent-growth-and-developments-on-online-dispute-re…]
  • Keynote Speaker on the topic of Online Dispute Resolution for three conferences in 2017 including the Asia Pacific Mediation Conference in Da Nang Vietnam, the HR Best Practice Forum in HCMC speaking about the use of ODR platforms for HR Management and the GMS Rail Expansion Summit on resolving cross-border construction disputes using online dispute resolution platforms. Thomas is will also be speaking on the topic of online arbitration at the LexTech Conference
  • Thomas conducted practical negotiation training sessions to officers at the Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Academy in smart contracts
  • Senior Consultant at the Institute of Business Innovation Accelerator www.ibia.vn
  • Guest Lecturer at Hanoi Law University and Judicial Academy
  • Member of the Legal and HR Training Committee at the European Chamber of Commerce [www.eurochamvn.org]


  • Members: 300,000 VND
  • Non-members: 500,000 VND

Registration: Email to linh@eurochamvn.org or call (024) 3715 2228 – Ext. 16


Thursday 01 January 1970


12:00 am - 12:00 am


EuroCham Hanoi Office Unit 08 - 3B Floor - Horison Tower - 40 Cat Linh - Hanoi

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