Online Trade Mission from the Netherlands to Vietnam

When: Thursday, September 16, 2021

This event is for DBAV Members (only), who want to learn more about Vietnamese businesses in the North of Vietnam. DBAV has partnered with the Embassy, International Startup Centre Hai Phong (ISC), and PUM to bring its members a unique chance full of business opportunities with potential suppliers or customers.

Platform: Online Zoom meeting

Who will join?

6 DBAV members will join this matchmaking session:

East West Seed

EAST WEST SEED (HAI MŨI TÊN ĐỎ) is a member of EAST WEST SEED GROUP, the market leader for tropical vegetable seeds. Using the most advanced technologies in vegetable plant breeding, East-West Seed creates value for farmers by producing Better Seeds for Better YieldTM


Freelux invents, develops, and manufactures a variety of energy-saving devices. We focus our marketing efforts on North America and Europe. We specialize in Standby Savers that automatically turn off devices that are in Standby mode. We also specialize in wireless monitoring and switching devices that will allow the user to monitor energy consumption over the Internet, switch on and off and view all historical data on energy consumption in $ and kWh.


Briefly, Lovink Enertech is a Dutch manufacturer of MV cable accessories, up to 36 kV.

We believe in a guaranteed energy supply (24/7) to any user. This contributes to a safe community and high standard of living. To this end, Lovink design, develop, manufacture and deliver MV joints for underground MV cables. We are well known about the liquid silicone technology which is used in our joints. This guarantees an expected life time of 50+ years. Together with the high rate of ease of installation of the joints, it gives multiple benefits for the installer and owner of the network, among others:

  • High reliability (failure rate is less than 0,05%);
  • No maintenance costs, as there will be no joint failures;
  • Short installation times.

Pondera is a specialist in the field of renewable energy. Our consultants and developers work together with our clients to identify and realize sustainable energy projects like wind, solar, geothermal, and grid infrastructure. Specifically, Pondera has extensive experience in the planning and development of small and large-scale onshore, nearshore, and offshore wind energy projects. In total we have obtained a permit for our customers for more than 4 GW of wind power, of which 1 GW has already been installed; another 4 GW is in pipeline.


Van der Leun was founded in 1920 in the port of Sliedrecht, Zuid-Holland with the repair of domestic ships. After more than 100 years, the company is an expert in the installation and integration of marine systems / Offshore systems. Van Der Leun Vietnam was established in 2014, is one of the production and assembly centers of Van Der Leun group.
The company works with 230 professionals around the world who can implement all or part of an enterprise project from design and engineering to installation of reliable electrical systems to total solutions. for leading companies worldwide. Its areas of expertise are organized into three divisions: Marine Installation, Metalworking and Electrical Engineering.


Winel BV has its head office located in Assen on an area of ​​20,000m2 with a total of 150 highly skilled staff and experts who regularly research to introduce new products to the market. Winel Industry Group is unique with in-house engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing a complete portfolio.

Using the most modern Dutch marine construction technology, the company offers a wide range of doors, trapdoors, tank vent check valve systems, platforms, roller shutters and manufactured products. especially. Winel covers every need in the offshore sector and every major shipbuilding market: merchant ships, dredgers, cruise ships, ferries, roros, large yachts and naval vessels.

Combining forces with Staalart, Winel is unique in the production of unique and special products for the Superyacht Construction Industry. Especially familiar with the Passenger Yachts Code (PYC) and other legal regulations, Winel has all the knowledge to meet any customer requirement.

More information about the Dutch companies joining the Matchmaking activities (Vietnamese)

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Part I – The opening session 

  • 14:00 Introduce VIPs and delegates
  • 14:10 Welcome speech of Director of Department of Science and Technology
  • 14:15 Welcome speech of The Ambassador of The Netherlands in Vietnam
  • 14:18 Speech of The President of MKB Netherlands
  • 14:20 Speech of The Country Coordinator Vietnam (PUM)
  • 14:25 Speech of The Executive Director of DBAV
  • 14:30 Introduce about technology/ services/ products of Dutch companies
  • 14:40 Typical video clips of Dutch companies

Part II – The matchmaking session

Matchmaking 1:1 meeting from 15:00 – 17:15

All times are in Vietnam time (GMT+7)

Watching the live broadcast of the event

2 PM | Thursday, September 16


Our partners

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam

The Embassy in Hanoi of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam is focused at representing, promoting, and protecting the interests of the government of the Netherlands. The Embassy’s goal is to establish and maintain strong economic and diplomatic relations with Vietnam to promote business and investment opportunities for the Dutch nationals and businesses.

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Science Technology Development and Innovation Center (ISC)

The Center has the function of serving the Department of Science and Technology in research, application, development of the science and technology market, and innovative start-ups; providing services and public non-business services in terms of research, application, deployment, technology transfer, development of science and technology markets, and promotion of innovative start-up ecosystems.

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PUM Senior Experts

PUM is a volunteer organisation which has been sharing knowledge for over 40 years to help SMEs in developing countries to grow. Thanks to our advice, almost 50,000 businesses have become stronger and grown sustainably.

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