Hanoi sets up 80 safe farm produce chains


Hanoi has so far established 80 chains of safe farm produce, according to the municipal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Of the total, there are five collective brands, namely Ba Vi chicken, Soc Son chicken, Son Tay chicken, Van Dinh duck and Lien Chau duck eggs. 

Farm-to-fork chains with animal origin have attracted the participation of more than 3,000 family farms and 120 businesses and individuals operating in the sectors of animal feed, medicine, slaughtering, food processing and distribution.

The department is examining 140 facilities to build a program that helps trace products’ origin using QR codes.

Annual food consumption in the domestic market accounts for roughly 15% of Vietnam’s GDP, with average annual growth rate of 18%. As such, inadequate safety standards can inhibit the sector’s growth potential, jeopardizing consumer health and reducing market opportunities for local food producers.