Lawmakers urge the need to improve investment environment


National Assembly deputies on November 2 concluded discussions on socio-economic performance and state budget plans for 2017 and for next year.

ho-chi-minh-city-724x350NA deputies expressed  their belief that the GDP growth target of 6.7% GDP is achievable, and urged the government to continue improving Vietnam’s investment environment, carrying out administration reforms, focusing on priority investments, refining public investment projects, and protecting and developing forests.

Anti-corruption, waste prevention, social security, and defending territorial integrity were also on the agenda.

Deputy Tran Anh Tuan from Ho Chi Minh City said, “First, we need to be flexible on capital distribution, transferring capital from slowly disbursed projects to high-priority ones that are short of money, like infrastructure, urban and rural transportation, and inter-regional projects. Second, it’s necessary to delegate power to localities so they’ll have authority to approve investment projects and mobilize resources.”

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung reiterated the government’s resolve to obtain 6.7% GDP growth this year, saying that specific scenarios have been developed for each sector in each quarter.

“The government is paying heed to improving the investment and business environment, exploiting internal and external resources to the fullest, and solving problems for businesses and the public”, he said, “Economic and social growth should be linked. Higher growth rates will help Vietnam keep pace with other countries.”

National Assembly Deputy Chairman Phung Quoc Hien said, during two and a half days of candid and constructive discussions, the National Assembly highly appreciated the efforts of the government and sectors to achieve the socio-economic development goals for 2017, creating strong momentum for the coming years.