MDF Training Course on “Change Management” and “Leadership & People Management”

1. Be the change you want to be

In this ever changing world, adjusting to the ever changing environment is one of the skills managers and leaders need to possess. Easier said than done, most of the time. We see around us organizations struggling for existence or trying to adjust. Some succeeded and some failed. So, is there a recipe to successful organizational change?

Be the change you want to be

Leading changes means creating a common vision, ownership, clarity, transparency, hope and predictability for those who will be affected by the changes. It also means creating space for learning and unlearning, building trust, nurturing commitment and dealing with resistance to changes. In leading changes you need to set an example before you can inspire others. We sometimes forget the ingredients needed to succeed. Do we have a clear vision that all embrace, do we have the skills and also incentives to push for changes? Have we considered how to deal with those that will be affected by the changes? Do we have a team to provide support and follow through?

MDF training course on “Change Management” will provide you a practical overview of the different steps and approaches to leading and managing changes in your organisations, institutions or environment.

You will:

  • + Learn the different perspectives of organizational change and the role of leadership in a change process
  • + Obtain how to apply the organizational change cycle approach to ensure the ingredients for change are well + integrated in the change process
  • + Learn the different ways people react to change and how to deal with them
  • + Explore ways to communicate effectively with staff in a change process to create commitment and trust and deal constructively with resistance
  • + Develop a change management plan based on your own case
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2. Do you want to develop and lead a motivating and high-performing team? Are you keen on building & earning trust from your team members?

No matter what expertise you have, if you are in the position of managing or leading, working on leadership and people management skills are always essential. To continue the success of our Leadership & People Management course in Indonesia, MDF Asia is bringing the course to Thailand in June 2018. The training is designed to support leaders at all levels, sharpen your skills and prepare you with a practical management toolkit.


  • + Know more about yourself as a person and a leader, including: specific strengths and what is holding you back
  • + Be aware of different styles of leadership, what type of leader you are and how you can develop further
  • + Have sharpened practical skills in leading and managing others (feedback, coaching, team work, conflict management, & resistance)
  • + Understand diversity and cultural issues in leadership
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  • + Day 1: Personal leadership challenge, what is leadership vs management, myths & reality. Leadership in relation to culture, diversity & gender. Recognising my personality preferences.
  • + Day 2: Building & earning trust, acknowledging my strengths & weaknesses, being self-accountable and articulating my personal vision.
  • + Day 3: Leading in different situations, leading motivating & developing the team, team activity & building a high performing team.
  • + Day 4: Giving & receiving effective feedback in performance conversations, using questioning & listening techniques in coaching and having difficult conversations
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  • RODERICK BARNETT- Trainer_consultant-Vietnam branch


Rod Barnett has over 30 years of management consulting, organizational development & people development. As MDF’s Senior Consultant/Trainer & Vice President of IODA, Rod works with organizations to improve the skills of their managerial-leaders. He has worked with non-profit organizations, public sector, companies in the mining & metal industry in Brazil, the USA, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Hungary, South Africa, Ghana & Vietnam.


  • **Dates/location: 5-8 June in Bangkok, Thailand
  • **Fee: Eur 830 (lunches, refreshments & training materials are included)
  • **Registration deadline: 28 May 2018
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  • ***10% discount to MDF alumni who attended an MDF course within the past 2 years
  • ***01 free place for a group of 06 registrations from the same organization for the same course
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We look forward to welcoming you all on the training!


Courses in English


+ Leadership & People Management 18 – 21 September, Colombo, Sri Lanka

4 – 7 December, Yangon, Myanmar

+ Monitoring & Evaluation for Learning 22 – 25 May, Yangon, Myanmar

28 – 31 August, Bangkok, Thailand

13 – 16 November, Colombo, Sri Lanka

+ Human Resources Management in an International Context 27 – 30 November, Hanoi, Vietnam
+ Impact Evaluation 10 – 13 July, Bangkok, Thailand
+ Change Management 23 – 26 July, Bali, Indonesia
+ Advocacy & Policy Influencing 7 – 10 August, Colombo, Sri Lanka
+ Project Management 4 – 7 September, Yangon, Myanmar
+ Results-Based Management 9 – 12 October, Bangkok, Thailand
+ Making Partnership Work 30 Oct – 2 November, Hanoi, Vietnam
+ Writing Winning Proposals 31 July – 3 August 2018, Bangkok, Thailand