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Ban Thach Construction Investment Corporation (Ban Thach) is a Reputable General Contractor of design and build of grade I industrial works (including MEP by providing “Comprehensive solutions for construction” to customers with a package service of consulting, designing, implementing legal procedures and finishing as well as providing ownership certificate of all projects from simple to complex nature.

With a wealth of experience in the construction and MEP industry, plus a professional, dynamic and enthusiastic staff with endless effort, up to now, Ban Thach can affirm that it is a large, prestigious and professional organization in construction and MEP in Vietnam. Ban Thach’s operation motto is “Modernity – Professionalism – Quality and Humanity”. With such motto, Ban Thach has been trusted and assigned by Employer to implement many large-scale projects with complex nature and high technical standard, at the same time meeting the Employer’s specific requirements.

In Ban Thach’s house, corporate culture is created based on collective strength, thereby serving as the basis to best promote the valuable, creative and dedicated contributions of all members for the common interest of the company. Not only do all members of Ban Thach’s family demonstrate their ability to get rich as a good team but also show their responsibility for the community with construction works of high social character.

Ban Thach would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Valued Employers for your trust and cooperation. We do hope to promote our long-term cooperation and sustainable development in all areas.


Mr. Vu Van Phu – Project Development Director

Mobile phone: +84 982113035

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Contact Vu Van Phu - Project Development Director
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Ban Thach

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