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Betterworks Asia

Betterworks Asia provides Learning and Development strategy consulting, builds training roadmaps for any type of organization, and of course, provides workshops and training programs for many types of professional skills. Our core belief is “Learn Together, Grow Together”, as we know that learning in groups, where others motivate you and you are being motivated will work infinitely better.

Our services:

Workshops and learning paths for Individual Contributors, Managers and Directors & CEO’s. Our training services focus on the learning model of Kolb (1984) where we use any learning style a trainee might have, being able to support anyone.

Workshops, trainings, and full training packages

We have various training topics you can pick from, including:

  • Public Speaking
  • The art of selling
  • Time & Attention management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Leadership & Management
  • Delegation & Empowerment
  • The effortless communicator
  • 16 Personalities Type indicator training
  • Train the trainer

Each of these workshops is available both in basic and advanced courses. We can also tailor our workshops to your individual or company needs.


Learning & Development consultancy

Consulting services for L&D can be quite broad. In our services, we focus on 3 main pillars:

When engaging our services, a typical L&D project will have the following elements:

We are happy to help you build your in-house learning programs, L&D Strategy and train your in-house specialists on taking over the learning and development role for your organization.


Our coaching structure is based on the best workings of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). In our coaching sessions, the client is in charge and we help the client define where they want to go. We start coaching with goal setting and identifying gaps and will provide interventions, best practices and tools to reach these goals. We will provide practical solutions that work best for each individual client to turn learning into results.

Our coaching works because:

  • We create a safe space for the client 
  • We help develop a plan and understand what success looks like
  • We keep the client accountable at all times,
  • We bring a series of proven attitudes, models, processes and techniques that will help them achieve what they want
  • We help the client improve on personal and professional topics
  • We will keep motivation up by creating a fun and positive atmosphere

**We are looking forward to helping you succeed in all your learning and development goals, and ultimately contribute to your company’s success!**


Founder, CEO and Trainer Thijs van Loon

With over 17 years of experience as a Mentor trainer, Thijs van Loon (1976) has been providing professionals in over 60 countries with the newest skills in Sales, Communication, Team Management, and Train the Trainer courses, as well as executive coaching sessions. 

Having worked at Apple and Google for most of his career, Thijs embodies the best practices used in these companies throughout his workshops and coaching. His focus is on making things practical, so trainees and coachees can immediately apply what is learned in their own working or personal environment. Everything he trains has been field tested and has helped businesses thrive. Next to a Mentor trainer, Thijs is also an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach

As the founder and director of Betterworks Asia, he provides leaders, top talent and companies in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with a trusted program for professional skills improvement and coaching.

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Contact Thijs van Loon - Founder, CEO and Trainer
Phone +84(0)368506004

Betterworks Asia

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