IntES Company Limited

IntES Company Limited is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm that has provided services for a wide variety of projects throughout the Vietnam, SEA, and Europe, with licensed professionals experienced engineers. Our extensive knowledge and expertise have served different client sectors such as Food and Beverage, Chemical and Fine Chemical and Industrial.IntES has been recognized for its professional, effectiveness and innovation in the Engineering, Procurement, and construction management (EPCM) services execution. As a company, we deliver a unique approach combining both the design capabilities and the experience of our engineers to deliver concrete solutions in EPCM service which satisfy our clients’ engineering challenges. IntES’s team of professionals strives for the utmost in technical expertise, ethical credibility, and customer satisfaction to successfully complete each project. Our staff with license of professional engineers for their expertise, all dedicated to meeting the highest professional standards for every project. The staff ofIntES is unique relationship helps define the character, personality, and philosophy of the firm. We recognize the importance of teamwork, maintaining long-term relationships, establishing positive working relationships with our clients and producing quality projects that we are proud to carry the name of IntES.