Business Hubs

NLinBusiness (NLIB)

What is the NL Business Hub network?

NLinBusiness supports Dutch entrepreneurs who want to grow internationally. In selected Cities of Opportunity worldwide, NLinBusiness is actively building a network of NL Business Hubs. These consist of strong networks of Dutch entrepreneurs and local service providers. This enables you to quickly find the right people around you and to make doing business internationally almost as easy as doing business in the Netherlands. For more information, please visit;

All these NL Business Hubs together form the NL Business Hub network.

The DBAV is a proud member of this network. Together we inform, inspire and connect international entrepreneurs around the globe. As an NL Business Hub, we support you when you’re discovering the Vietnam market. We have a strong local network and work closely together with the Dutch Embassy, Consulate General and local governments.

We can help you as an entrepreneur with market explorations, network events, (online) seminars, legal services and matchmaking.