NLinBusiness has been set up to make life a bit easier for entrepreneurs wanting to do business abroad. We help Dutch entrepreneurs, whatever the size of their company, identifying the steps, provide relevant information and introduce them to the right parties, whether at home or abroad. We start our initial focus with a limited number of pilot cities which offer strong opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs, so-called Cities of Opportunity. Gradually, this number will grow to at least 40. Our team of business developers and analysts are always working together with other parties and specialists to support the entrepreneur in the best possible way. For instance, we are building a platform that will include all the relevant information about exporting and trading internationally, within Europe and beyond. NLinBusiness was initiated by the Confederation of Dutch Business (VNO-NCW & MKB-Nederland) in partnership with the Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Economic Affairs and in close cooperation with employers’ federations FME, evofenedex and Koninklijke Metaalunie. NLinBusiness was established to coordinate and organize accessible and longer-term programs for Dutch small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who aim to expand their business internationally, in growth markets in Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East, as well as in more established markets in Europe and the US. We support Dutch SMEs to identify the right international market(s), build the required capabilities to be successful in Vietnam and to secure a successful landing in Ho Chi Minh (one of our Cities of Opportunity). NLinBusiness works closely with the local Dutch Business Council (DBAV), public partners such as the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the Dutch diplomatic mission in Vietnam and locally active Dutch entrepreneurs.