Guido van Rooy, Executive Director

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NXFiltration (NX) is supplying unique, innovative hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes. The main applications are production of drinking water from surface water, re-use of waste water in water-intensive industries, and reuse of municipal wastewater effluent. NX is supplying only membrane modules, so is looking for system integrators.


Agro-water Innovation


Water management and technology

Value chain

Business DevelopmentDesign / R&D / EngineeringProductionSales & DistributionService / Maintenance / Supply

Water Quality & Water Treatment

Process water Recycling Recycle & Reuse Resource recovery from wastewater streams Wastewater (Treatment and Sewerage) Water supply water Technology


NX Filtration – Safe, affordable drinking water in one step

NX Filtration supplies innovative hollow fiber nanofiltration concepts, for treating surface water, and biologically treated wastewater. This membrane filtration concept has an extremely low carbon footprint, and low energy consumption compared with competitive technologies

Company Presentation 


NX Filtration – System integrators for our hollow fiber nanofiltration products

NX Filtration supplies highly innovative hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane modules and is looking for partners with relevant experience and know-how to realize water treatment projects. Focus is on producing drinking water from surface water, and re-use of municipal and industrial water effluent.

Project cooperation

NX Filtration – Projects in Viet Nam, Mekong delta

Looking for partners in VietNam for water treatment projects. We recently received the VietNam Ambassador at our company and showed our new membrane technology for making drinking water in one step from surface water (Twentekanaalwater)

Vietnam Ambassador at NXFiltration


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