Omnivent Techniek B.V.


Guido van Rooy, Executive Director


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Omnivent Techniek B.V. 

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Worldwide specialist in sustainable storage solution for potatoes, onions, carrots, garliq and other root crops


Agricultural mechanization and machinery Services for Agriculture and the Greenhouse


Agrifood production and technology

Value chain

Design / Research and Development / Engineering

Food innovation and biotechnology Postharvest/ supply chain


Omnivent, one-stop shopping!
How does our world looks tomorrow!


  • Omnivents standard- and custom made ventilation systems
  • Custom made storage solutions for variable vegetables


  • OmniPad / OmniBreeze Humidification system
  • OmniRecup, sustainable Co2 refreshment
  • Omnivent boxes, for every product a solution
  • OmniCuro, the storage controller of the future!
  • OmniFrigo, Omnivent’s plug, play cooling and ventilation solution!


Omnivent Storage Academy

Knowledge is Key! As storage specialists, with more than 70 years of worldwide experience, we know that expert training will lead to optimal results after the storage season. Therefore, Omnivent has dedicated Sr. Agronomist which are working closely together with our clients for custom-made training and support during the storage season.


Contact person Guido van Rooy, Executive Director
Phone (+84) 93 8055 606

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