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Orlar’s Vertical Agriculture: Revolutionising the Way Produce is Grown in Vietnam

Orlar’s patented technology brings together 2 key components to make contaminant-free produce accessible and economical for Vietnam:
1) Orlarock™ – our exclusive organic certified mineral growing material; and
2) Vertical pods – our innovative, safe and resource efficient growing technique.

Orlarock™ – Australian Organic Certified
The foundation of our production, Orlarock, is imported directly from Australia. It’s unique properties capture all the added nutrients, resist disease, avoid crushing in vertical arrangements, and retain the optimal amount of water – resulting in proper growth without disease. Using Orlarock™ allows us to grow pure produce from start to finish, free from the contaminants often found in local soil. Orlar grow delicious, nutritious and SAFE produce for you and your family.

Vertical Pods
Designed by Dr. Lyndal Hugo, one of the co-founders of Orlar, our vertical pods are the result of five years of careful research and optimisation. With special attention to the number of plants in each pod and the capture of optimal light for proper growth, each pod is able to reduce the energy use of traditional hydroponics by over 95%. Specially designed vents allow for maximum airflow, naturally preventing disease.

Our state-of-the-art vertical farms use up to 95% less energy than hydroponics. We grow produce that has net negative greenhouse gas emissions and pose no threat of nutrient or pesticide pollution. So, not only do you and your family get the most delicious, nutritious and safe food, you are also minimising the impact on the environment.


Jacquie O’Hara
Director of Asset Development

Dr. Lyndal Hugo
Co-founder & CEO

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