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Phu Thai Mobility Import

  • Phu Thai Mobility is the official importer since 2019 for the prestigious car brands Jaguar and Land Rover in Vietnam.


  • Jaguar and Land Rover are well known brand names with iconic cars such as the Jaguar E-type and Land Rover Defender. In the last ten years Jaguar Land Rover has become one of the fastest growing car companies in the world and is currently the largest British car manufacturer.


  • In Vietnam they have been present for almost a decade with dealerships in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, our import headquarter is based in Hanoi.


  • With our strong focus on customer experience and after sales service, we know how to serve our customers throughout the entire customer journey: Above and Beyond.
Contact INGRID MARIA OUDEJANS - General Director
Phone +84 (0) 24 73030 999