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PUM Netherlands Senior Experts

PUM is a volunteer organization that believes in sharing (practical) knowledge and experience between local entrepreneurs and their experts to help develop sustainable inclusive local businesses in emerging markets. We establish networks and create trust to empower local entrepreneurs. These activities accelerate growth, generate jobs, improve lives and create an impact on the economy, the environment and local society.

Entrepreneurs and businesses approach us often via our local representatives based in Hanoi, Thanh Hóa, Quảng Trị, Đà Nẵng, Đà Lạt, Ho Chi Minh City, Cần Thơ and request advice. The PUM headquarter staff in the Hague links these applicants to their experts (Dutch volunteer professionals). 

PUM experts execute short-term, solid consultancy projects, either on the work floor or via remote coaching. They collaborate with the local entrepreneurs, so that these develop into a growth engine for the local economy. This benefits both employment and the sustainable economic development of the region. Furthermore, as the contacts established regularly lead to major trade relations, the Dutch economy benefits as well. 

Or as we would like to say it at PUM: vibrant businesses, better lives.

Contact in Vietnam

Sven O. Dekker

Country Coördinator Vietnam at PUM Netherlands senior experts
✆: +31610830779

Contact Sven O. Dekker
Phone +31610830779