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ReXil Agro B.V.

For more than 20 years, Rexil has been the leader in new effective products for humans, animals and plants. Rexil develops biostimulants for plants, animals and humans. Humans, animals, fish and plants benefit significantly from these new revolutionary ‘patented’ biostimulants.

Humans get healthier improving their immunity resistance. Plants and animals grow better and yield more with higher quality, while the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals can be reduced by at least 50%. Our products are safe and environmentally friendly and have proven effective in all kinds of international research published scientific papers.

ReXil Agro BV specializes in biostimulants for ‘sustainable’ farming methodologies. It has developed a wide range of biostimulants based on silicic acid that supports the organic growth of plants and animals. This results in higher production with better quality. With proven results in tests worldwide, our products contribute to a higher yield, better quality, more taste and longer shelf life.


Address V.I. Lê Nin 1 460000 Thành phố Vinh View map
Contact William Nolten - Regional Director Asia-Pacific
Phone +842383218886

Rexil Asia Co Ltd

V.I. Lê Nin 1, 460000 Thành phố Vinh

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