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Shire Oak Energy founded an international subsidiary Shire Oak International in 2017 in response to two very different reports on Vietnam. The first was a bleak report from the International Energy Agency which said that Vietnam would become the fourth biggest emitter of carbon dioxide by 2030 given the fast growth in manufacturing that it was experiencing and its plan to power that growth with coal-fired power stations. The second report by the Worldwide Fund for Nature said Vietnam had a golden opportunity to leapfrog other nations and move straight to green power without any further coal power station investment.


Our Vission is to accelerate the global transition to renewable energy solutions including tidal, solar and wind energy.​

In our international business, we are building a company whose purpose is to offer 100% renewable energy to factories and corporations who want green power. ​

We focus on emerging economies that still have plans to build coal-fired power stations.​

Our vision is to achieve all these ambitions with a team of brilliant, driven people who want to live a life of purpose.​


Our Mission:

  • Put 1% of our turnover into biodiversity initiatives to safeguard our planet
  • Help organizations to achieve net-zero emissions
  • Provide a reliable investment platform for energy transition investors
  • Raise the awareness of renewable energy
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Shire Oak International

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