StoneX Global Payments

The Global Payments Division provides a payment service in around 140 currencies to a client base consisting of many of the world’s leading Aid and Development organisations and also a number of the world’s largest banks. These banks have demand from their customers to make payments in local currencies all over the world, but the banks themselves no longer have the appetite to run correspondent relationships in every country and hence prefer to outsource payments in their non-core currencies to a specialist like StoneX. Because of StoneX’s very long term (30 years) relationships with the Aid and Development community, StoneX has developed its own network of 375 correspondent banks around the world to assist its customers in the efficient and transparent delivery of their local currency needs. StoneX acts as a global correspondent bank, guaranteeing the cost and exchange rate for its customers in order to give them certainty of the local currency amount that will be delivered to the local beneficiary.

On the Aid and Development side our customers include the principal UN agencies and international NGO’s;  on the banking side several major global banks  use us to make payments on behalf of their customers, all of whom have local currency costs or obligations to cover. We also have a variety of corporate clients such as Insurance/technology/consulting companies

We have no direct individual clients (no retail).


Our regulatory environment:

  • StoneX Financial Ltd is a 100% owned subsidiary of StoneX Group Inc. – a NASDAQ listed company operating in a range of financial services.
  • StoneX is authorised and regulated by the FCA as a Financial Services Firm under Part IV of the UK Financial Services & Markets Act 2000. It is also authorised and regulated for the provision of Payments Services – this is for the Global Payment division.
  • We adhere to all payments directives / WTR2.
  • We are a full SWIFT member.

What we are looking for?

StoneX would like to open a local currency nostro with you to be able to perform payments towards beneficiaries in the region – it could be pension/invoices/claim settlement/NGOs funding. All 3rd parties.


How we operate:

  • We would be transacting with your Treasury Team via Reuters/Bloomberg to sell EUR/USD vs local currency to fund our account on a simultaneous line – after approval from both credit department.
  • We would only use SWIFT to debit our account (MT103) and we would expect daily swift statement.
  • All originator details + beneficiary/ purpose of payment on our SWIFT.
  • No investment / repatriation – just spot payments for delivery. All transactions follow a request from a client.
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