Tetra Pak Vietnam

Together with our customers we make food safe and available, everywhere. Since the start in 1951 we have taken pride in providing the best possible processing and packaging solutions for food. Working closely with our customers and suppliers, we provide safe, innovative and environmentally sound products that each day meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people in more than 170 countries around the world.

At Tetra PakĀ® we are specialists in complete solutions for processing, packaging and distribution of food products. Our solutions are specifically designed to be as economical with resources as possible. Dairy products, juices and nectars, ice cream and cheese are examples of products that can be processed and packaged in Tetra Pak processing and packaging lines. We focus on keeping the consumption of all raw materials and energy to a minimum during the manufacturing process as well as the distribution of the packaged products. Our products are divided into several different categories: Packages, Processing equipment, Filling machines, Distribution equipment and Service products.

We are able to offer our customers process treatment of products for packaging. The processing solutions are designed to treat the products gently. Equipment includes separators, homogenisers and heat exchangers. There are also eleven packaging systems, which cater to different market requirements. We can also offer software service including factory planning, control and monitoring of plants, computerised logistics studies, training, follow-up service and marketing assistance. Through concentrating our research and development on liquid food, we are able to offer customers thorough expertise and complete responsibility for whole production lines.