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For more than 50 years we have had a huge passion for farming​. Through innovation and determination The Schippers Group has become a major player in an international market. Our goal? A world without antibiotics in farming.

Many people like to eat a piece of meat, a glass of milk or a boiled egg. We want those products to come from an animal that grew up in a healthy environment. Animals can – just like people – get sick and, luckily enough, also recover from that sickness. Farmers often use antibiotics to make animals recover or even to prevent them from getting sick. Bacteria that cause diseases can and are currently becoming resistant to those antibiotics. These resistant bacteria pose a threat to human health. So, what if we can prevent animals getting sick without using antibiotics? That’s where we come into play!

We believe the solution is improving hygiene in the stable. We advise farmers in the prevention of diseases and we continuously develop products and services that improve the daily work of the farmer. The result: the use of antibiotics already decreased rapidly in western Europe and the rest of the World is following fast. But we’re not there yet! The Schippers Group is conquering the world. We’re growing and increasingly positioning ourselves, with 450+ employees, over 15.000 products and 12 offices in an international market. We are a family owned business in which we work together towards the success of the company. We are more ambitious than ever and will make every effort to improve our service to our farmers.


Sharon van de Ven
Key Account Manager


Jan Willem de Vries
Region Manager Asia


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Contact Ms. Sharon van de Ven - Key Account Manager
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The Schippers Group

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