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Topicus Fintech Software is an IT service provider using chain integration to facilitate and clarify service provision in the financial sector. We believe in consumer empowerment: in the end it is the consumer who is at the wheel, not the provider

In the development of its wide range of software solutions, Topicus always has a keen eye on market developments. Software solutions are developed in close cooperation with our customers. We cherish our customer’s views. This is why the Topicus software solutions are in line with the current and future customer requirements of financial service providers.

Topicus is an innovative company, working in close collaboration with the market and always looking one step ahead. In our product research and development we are always in search of the right balance between the view of the market and our own view of the product.

Our Vision in Finance:

The financial value chain can be improved. Made better. Aiming at the future and at the user. Through collaboration we realise innovative and scalable software solutions. Clear and understandable. Topicus takes you further. By daring to think and act out-of-the-box.

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Contact Corbin van Amelsvoort - Head of International Operations
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Singel 25, 7411 HW Deventer

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