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TTA is a Dutch enterprise, founded in 1996. Since the start of the company, TTA has been focusing on the production of equipment for handling and selecting young living plants. TTA developed and expanded merely thanks to client requests for more or new machinery. TTA offers its clients a wide range of equipment, suiting the needs of professional growers.


Agricultural mechanization and machinery Agricultural greenhouse technologies Food safety & Traceability Greenhouse Technologies  Horticulture Hydroponic Logistics and Transport Seeds, seedling, sapling


Agrifood production and -technology


Food innovation & biotechnology Food quality, analytics & safety Fresh fruit, vegetables Postharvest/ supply chain

Value chain

Production Service / Maintenance / Supply


Equipment for plant handling and selection

In our portfolio, we have machinery for transplanting, selection and gapping. We do complete our lines with extra equipment like dibbling units, fillers, destackers etc. We also provide semi-automatic sticking lines to place the cuttings into the tray. Besides single machinery, we are able to provide all equipment for the working area of the greenhouse.

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