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Leading technology for the maritime industry

Van der Leun works with 170 specialists all over the world on installation projects in the maritime, construction, dredging, and offshore industries. Its specialist areas are organized in three divisions: Maritime Installations, Metal Machining, and Electrical Engineering. These divisions work together to provide innovative, reliable and integrated solutions for leading companies all over the world.

We strive for optimal connection of our customers’ installations with as few cables as possible. We strive to secure and develop our know-how globally in uniform knowledge centers specialized in maritime system integration.

Thanks to its long specific experience, Van der Leun is better able than anyone to transform your needs into an appropriate plan of action. Your contact at Van der Leun is a sales engineer with extensive practical experience. Based on your requirements, he will form a team that is able to focus seamlessly on the demands of your project. As a result, Van der Leun’s quotation is always sharp and appropriate.

Contact Hoang Thi Hong Diep
Phone +84 225 3540 778

Van der Leun Vietnam


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