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Van Thiel & Co

VAN THIEL & CO. is a Dutch family-owned creative design and sourcing partner to selected high-end furniture retailers across the U.S. and the globe.

We specialize in the design and product development of high-end indoor furniture including artisanal style solid wooden case goods, upholstery and lighting products.

The Van Thiel & Co. brand has a name synonymous with authenticity, partnership, supreme craftsmanship and innovation.

As Architects of Furniture, our team in Saigon manages projects, from the first spark of inspiration to the final product, expertly guiding you through the entire, collaborative process. Produced with creativity, care and clockwork precision, the result is a distinctive look that buyers and homeowners love to call their own.

The company was founded in 2001 in Beijing, China by Rudy Van Thiel sr. and his sons, Rudy and Frederik. The story of Van Thiel & Co. actually began even earlier at more than 40 years ago, when Rudy Sr. would source and hand-pick European antiques from the Dutch countryside, restoring and supplying them to furniture stores.

In 2016, Van Thiel & Co. moved its initial location from Beijing to the rising global market in Vietnam

Over the years, Van Thiel & Co. has evolved from being a major source of decorative antiques to developing distinctive designs for high-end furniture retailers. Van Thiel & Co. sources employs more than 20,000 people throughout the industry.

Today, the Van Thiel & Co. team is formed by dedicated professionals from around the world – The Netherlands, Austria, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, The Philippines, France, Italy, UK, Canada, US and more. Van Thiel & Co.  deeply cares about how they conduct business and offer our sources and partners a high level of collaboration and expertise, all of which proudly reflects the Van Thiel name.

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