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Wageningen University & Research

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Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is the only specialized university and research organisation in agriculture and food in the Netherlands. With approximately 30 locations, 6,000 staff members and 12,000 students, we are a world leader in agro and food. We develop knowledge and we help our partners and clients to apply the knowledge. In this we differ substantially from other universities. The combination of research, education and value creation has made us internationally successful. We implement projects all over the world including many in India. Besides fundamental research and academic training WUR provides: 

  • Contract Research, for example on improving the shelf life of agriculture products, flowers or food, technical studies on the application of your product in nutritious foods, precision agriculture technology, smart irrigation & water management. 
  • Consultancy, for example, strategic advisory to companies on international market developments in agrifood domain. 
  • Capacity building, for example, specialist training courses for professionals in high-tech agriculture, horticulture, livestock farming, and aquaculture.

Agro water

Agro-water solutions Water and Irrigation Systems Water efficiency and quality


Agricultural mechanization and machinery Agricultural greenhouse technologies Farming and crop production Food & Nutrition Food safety & Traceability Greenhouse Technologies Horticulture Logistics and Transport Sustainable agriculture  Water and Irrigation Systems


Agro-water Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Circular Waste Innovation

Novel farming systems

Alternative proteins


Alternative proteins Food Food & Nutrition Food quality, analytics & safety Postharvest/ supply chain


Waste management and circular design


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