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Our purpose is to build the most sophisticated and modern marine solutions in the world, to guarantee your safety and comfort at sea.

Working together with Staalart we offer a unique range of standard products, as well as custom made. We’re here to service you!

Safety and comfort at sea is our business. We offer a wide range of doors, hatches, tank vent check valve systems, platforms, passerelles and special engineered products. We service the offshore sector and every major shipbuilding market: merchant vessels, dredgers, cruise ships, ferries, roros, mega yachts and naval ships.

Whether your ship is for work or for leisure, your ship building experience starts at Winel. Using the most modern Dutch maritime building technology, we’re dedicated to fulfil your requirements within time, excellent quality and within budget. Innovation is what drives us and we never stop developing.

Combining forces with Staalart we’re unique in producing one-offs and specials for the Mega Yacht Building Industry. Being fully familiar with the Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) and other statutory regulations, we have all the knowledge to meet your client’s requirements. Every step of the process as well as every detail is controlled by our own staff: from development, engineering and production to turnkey delivery.

No sea is too rough for Winel. Your challenge is where our joint adventure begins, and we won’t stop until we reach sophisticated perfection.

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Winel Vietnam

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