Helping Dutch members and new entrants succeed in Vietnam

Business services

Doing business in Vietnam is exciting but can also be a pain. Every entrepreneur that once opened their shop in Vietnam will confirm it: you need reliable local partners in order to succeed.

In close collaboration with the Dutch Embassy and Consulate General, we offer for our members and new Dutch market entrants a wide array of entry and post-entry business services.

We help you succeed in Vietnam by giving you the information that you need. Our business service team consists of local nationals, and we can offer you all the below at SME-friendly rates. Please enquire by using the Contact Us form.

Our way of working can be described as “thinking like an entrepreneur”. We try and find answers to questions that you might have, by identifying business opportunities and potential hurdles that you may not be aware of.

For specialist services we can help you find reliable, professional local service providers such as lawyers or visa agents. 

Our services are backed up by the NLinBusiness network and by our happy customers. You can find the testimonials at the bottom of this page.

Your starting point for business success in Vietnam

An outline of our service is below:

Market Entry & Intel

  • Trade Fairs
  • Business Opportunities after the EVFTA
  • Customs research & Import Statistics
  • Investment Preparation & Feasibility Studies
  • (Multi) Sector (Digital) Trade Missions
  • Support in Trade Missions
  • Public Private Partnerships

Boots on the Ground: Post Entry Services

  • Trusted business Partner Network
  • “Office-in-office”
  • Sales Rep for a day
  • Translations
  • Culture and Leadership Trainings

Support for Members

  • Design Service
  • Content 3.0 such as podcasts, webinars or online events
  • Organize events online
  • COVID support

Contact Us

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What our customers say

Our customers praise the entrepreneurial thinking in our way of working, low barriers for feedback and usefulness of the service. A selection from the reviews (we ask for a review and a score after every project) below:

Adjiedj - Netherlands

You made a great video for me, I use it in webinars and during conferences. You listen very well and think along with the customer. Thanks, guys!

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Francis - Netherlands

The information provided was concise all the while directly answering key questions. The depth of information in the presentation was great. The conversation was very fluid from Day 1 and the questions and business proposal directly helped my firm answer questions we had. Guido and Chinh did a great job with the delivery of the information and the presentation. I enjoyed the probing questions to help create the presentation and the research involved, which will help us make great business decisions.

Feysal - Netherlands

Certainly the effort to find the tax rates was excellent and the based on that advice/recommendation. I really appreciate the work and efforts that DBAV does. It is satisfying that market explanations can be requested from DBAV. The recommendations are also much of helpful use.