State Treasury raises VND 4 trillion through Government bonds


The State Treasury mobilised VND 4 trillion (USD 172.66 million) through Government bond auctions on the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) on 16 October.

Illustrative image (Source: vneconomy)

Accordingly, the State Treasury offered five-year bonds valued at VND 500 billion, 10-year and 15-year bonds each valued at VND 1.5 trillion, and 20-year bonds valued at VND 500 billion.

A total of VND 500 billion was mobilised from five-year bonds with an annual interest rate of 2.85%, down 0.04% from the auction on 2 October.

Bonds with 10-year maturity raised VND 1.5 trillion with an annual interest rate of 3.78%, down 0.18% as compared with the 9 October auction.

Meanwhile, VND 1.5 trillion was collected via 15-year bonds with a yield rate of 4%, down 0.21% from the auction on 9 October.

The State Treasury also raised VND 500 billion worth of 20-year bonds with an annual average yield rate of 4.58%, 0.30% lower than the previous auction on 2 October.

So far this year, the State Treasury has collected over VND 166.18 trillion from G-bond auctions at the HNX.