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Write a short intro about your business: Perfetti Van Melle (Viet Nam) Limited is one of 35 companies worldwide of Perfetti Van Melle group- the 3rd leading confectionery manufacturer in the world, Headquarters at Lainate (Italia) and Breda (Holland) - specializing in production & sales of premium candies and chewing-gums. PVM Vietnam’s popular brands are Alpenliebe, Golia, Mentos, Happydent, Big Babol & Chupa Chups. We at Perfetti Van Melle develop, manufacture and market high-quality and innovative products for our consumers through efficient use of our resources and in partnership with our customers.  Create a fulfilling workplace for our employees built on trust, mutual respect, and appreciation of their diversities.  Value the role we play in our communities, as a socially and environmentally committed organization.  Generate economic value through superior growth and profitability.  Continuous focus on these principles will lead us toward Our Vision. Our unique position on the international industrial confectionery market is founded on a collection of clear guiding principles that pilot our way of operating in every part of the world. Our values define our management style and culture, expressed every day through our actions, achievements, and programs.


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