Improving Membership Satisfaction: DBAV's Survey Results

To enhance the Dutch Business Association Vietnam (DBAV) membership experience, we recently conducted a survey to gather feedback from our members. This blog includes the results of the survey, exploring the opinions and insights shared by our members regarding events, communication, membership value, and areas where we can further enhance their experience. This survey is a pivotal part of our commitment to making DBAV a platform for growth and success, emphasizing our dedication to continuous improvement. We used a CSAT scoring to determine the number of satisfied members surveyed as a proportion of all members surveyed.  Members were asked questions which they could rank from 1 very dissatisfied to 5 very satisfied. The survey objectives were to collect feedback from all members to improve our membership offerings. 

Out of 411 contacts, we received responses from 82 individuals. Respondents included individuals with individual memberships, representatives of large enterprises, and the majority from small and medium-sized enterprises. Geographically, respondents were primarily based in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or Haiphong, the Netherlands, and various other locations.




Events & Communication

88.8% found the periodic networking events organized by DBAV interesting and relevant, with 44.4% rating them as a 5 and another 44.4% as a 4. Only a small percentage, 6.1%, rated these events below a 3. The DBAV's signature events, including the AGM, Gala Dinner, Haring Party, and Dutch Golf Classic, are rated highly exciting and relevant. This includes 38.3% rating them as a 5 and 43.2% as a 4. An overwhelming 96.2% of respondents felt that the variety, frequency, and choice of topics on the DBAV Event Calendar met their expectations.



DBAV's communication efforts were well-received, with 93.9% expressing satisfaction. This includes 56.1% scoring a 5 and 37.8% scoring a 4.




Membership Value

When asked about their likelihood of recommending DBAV membership to people or companies with a link to the Netherlands, the results were positive. 50.6% of respondents scored a 5, indicating their strong inclination to recommend our association. An additional 38.3% gave a score of 4, demonstrating a significant level of satisfaction.

When it comes to the aspects of DBAV membership that members find most valuable, the feedback was equally positive. Members were asked to rate the value of various aspects on a scale from 1 to 5. The chart below illustrates that all aspects received scores above 3, with most aspects scoring a solid 4, signifying that our members find them highly valuable.




Areas for Improvement

Members were also asked about subjects, events, and activities they'd like to see more of; members expressed interest in the following areas:


    • Small-sized industry/sector-specific events (horticulture, logistics, etc.)
    • General events on topics like tax, HR, logistics, and legal.
    • Enhanced networking opportunities.
    • Sustainability-related events.
    • Business Matchmaking 
    • Advocacy related events




Overall, DBAV received an excellent score in this survey, reflecting positively on our efforts to provide value to our members. However, there is room for improvement in terms of membership value. 90.1% of respondents were likely to recommend DBAV membership to people/companies with a link to the Netherlands.

To cater to a wider range of interests, we will add more small-scale events to our calendar, introducing concepts like the "DBAV Roundtable."

In conclusion, the member's survey is one of the essential parts of our plan to make DBAV an incredible platform for growth and success. We value each of our member's feedback and want to commit to using it to make meaningful improvements.