R2E Appreciation Ceremony 2024

The Ready to Export (R2E) program, initiated by the Dutch Business Association Vietnam (DBAV), plays a crucial role in accelerating the international success of Vietnamese companies. This three-year program selects SMEs across Vietnam to undergo an intensive 8-month journey, free of charge. It focuses on training, coaching, and networking opportunities, highlighted in an annual Business Awards Event. This event showcases participant achievements and fosters invaluable networking between Dutch-European and Vietnamese companies.

This year's R2E Appreciation Ceremony, held in Hanoi (18 June) and HCMC (20 June) in collaboration with the Kingdom of the Netherlands, was graced by the presence of Mr. Christoph Prommersberger - Deputy Head Of Mission - The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam and Mr. Daniël Stork, Consul General of the Netherlands in HCMC. Over 20 participants received their certificates, celebrating their successful completion of the R2E program and receiving awards totaling 425,000,000 VND. Ms. Loan Van from Real Bean Coffee (RBC), a previous year's first prize winner, shared her inspiring journey and achievements post-R2E.

Ms. Loan
Ms. Loan Van, Founder of RBC


RBC has greatly benefited from the R2E program, from seed funding that enabled VIETALITÉ trials in late 2023 and early 2024, doubling RBC's 2023 sales compared to 2022. Connections made through the program with Dutch organizations like PUM for market development, CIRCLE training in the Netherlands and Germany on circular economy, and networking with Vietnamese enterprises in R2E expanded RBC's network and partnerships. Notably, RBC also gained a valuable mentor, Mr. Jurriaan Meyer.

Winner of the R2E Business Plan Competition

The winners of the Ready to Export Program have shown exceptional commitment by actively participating in the program, attending networking events organized by DBAV, and completing the training classes. They have also received positive feedback from their mentors. These companies have prepared solid business plans and developed potential products that the judges believe will make a significant impact, aiding their export plans to Europe.



First Winner - Hoa Cuong Farm

Our first prize winner has achieved this honor through over 10 years of passion and dedication in the fresh fruit industry. Their success comes from not only offering delicious fresh fruits but also from building strong, lasting relationships with the farmers who supply their raw materials. This ensures the quality of their products from the ground up. They won by successfully completing the three pillars of the R2E program. They attended all the necessary training, understood the benefits of having a mentor, and made the most of their mentor’s guidance. They actively participated in the DBAV events. During the Business Plan Competition, they demonstrated their readiness to export with solid marketing, sales, and operation plans. They also leveraged market research and their experience in other markets.

hoa cuong
Hoa Cuong Farm & Mr. Daniël Stork, Consul General of the Netherlands in HCMC

Second Winner - Anto Tea

A woman-led brand, impressed with its community-driven approach and unique Shiso tea, it has achieved high acclaim and received recognition from Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

anto tea
Anto Tea, Mr. Christoph Prommersberger - Deputy Head Of Mission - The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam & Ms. Diep Hoang, DBAV Vice Chair

Third Winner - Emmay and Colleagues Joint Stock Company

Emmay and Colleagues is working to solve a big future food problem. This company, run by women and focused on sustainability, has created exciting new products that are ready for the market. Their plan is well-prepared and based on a lot of data. Their products aim to provide scalable, sustainable, and healthier protein with a carbon footprint 100 times smaller than beef. They are helping to feed the future with fungi-based protein.

Emmay and Colleagues JSC & Ms. Sandra van Hellemond, DBAV Vice Chair

Sustainability Award

Special recognition was given to Elak and Vinatotken for their commitment to ESG principles and community inclusivity, using natural and organic materials in their products.

elak and vinatoken


The R2E program aims to strengthen Vietnamese SMEs' capacity as long-term partners for Dutch Foreign Direct Investors (FDI) and Multi-National Enterprises (MNEs), fostering reliable trading relationships between Vietnam and the Netherlands. Short-term goals include facilitating international expansion and enhancing value chain integration.

This year's expansion of the R2E Appreciation Ceremony to Hanoi signifies growth beyond previous years when it was limited to HCMC. All winners are exceptional women entrepreneurs. This event highlights their achievements and the program's impact in empowering Vietnamese SMEs for global success.

Entering its final year, the R2E program seeks Vietnamese SMEs in food processing, agriculture, textiles, and manufacturing. Emphasis is placed on sustainability, valid business licenses, export capacity, and ambition for European market expansion.

Contact info@readytoexport.org if you are interested in the program, or visit https://www.readytoexport.org/ for more information.