Ready to Export program seeks mentor volunteers for Vietnamese SMEs in their exports to Europe

Ready to Export Inauguration event in Hanoi

The Ready to Export (R2E) program is currently on the lookout for mentor volunteers to support Vietnamese SMEs in their exports to Europe.

Continuing the success of its first year, the R2E program this year entered its second year with a doubled number of registrations from the SMEs and mentor volunteers compared to the previous year, focusing on the Agro-food processing industry in Vietnam. The very first two events of the inauguration were conducted successfully, certifying Vietnamese SMEs to register for this program in April at the Netherlands Embassy and Council General's residences in Vietnam.

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From Kick-Off Event to Gala Dinner, DBAV puts Vietnamese SMEs in direct contact with Dutch and European connections

In 2022, the Dutch Business Association Vietnam (DBAV) hosted over ten networking events for the program and it brought back over 230 SMEs participating in the training. Not only was the kick-off event promoting the Vietnamese SMEs, but Ready to Export has also reached more potential Universities and Business Associations. The comments were positive and we received support for the project.


The wonderful journey of the R2E program in 2022 ends festively and happily at the first-ever Gala Diner hosted by DBAV the last April 2023 which featured a key moment as the award ceremony for the SMEs who completed their training by presenting the business plan showcasing their intentions of utilizing the prize to better their businesses and the golden prize winner was granted up to 10,000 USD.



Mentorship – a cornerstone of the R2E program 

One of the critical components of this program's success is the mentorship. The Mentorship information event for the R2E program is scheduled for May 31st, 2023, and experts are welcome to learn more about the program and apply to provide valuable guidance and support to the SMEs that participate in the program.

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About Ready to Export

The Ready to Export program is a government-subsidized program that aims to support a carefully selected group of Vietnamese SMEs in their international growth, free of charge and within an 8-month timeframe. The program encompasses three essential pillars: Training, Mentoring, and Networking.

The long-term objective of the Ready to Export program is to enhance the capabilities of Vietnamese SMEs to become long-term value chain partners of The Netherlands Foreign Direct Investors (FDI) and Multinational Enterprises (MNE). In the short term, the program will help selected Vietnamese SMEs thrive in their expansion endeavors and enable them to value-chain partner with FDI and MNE companies.

Please read more information about the program here:

About Dutch Business Association Vietnam DBAV

The DBAV is a bilateral network that offers support to ease doing business. Particularly in Vietnam, it is important to join such a network because of the political governance system.

For SME members, we offer community, events and intelligence. We can help with identifying business opportunities.

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